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About Us

The School of Medical Sociology and Social Work
    The School of Medical Sociology and Social Work was established in 2003 with two separate sections, including medical sociology and social work. By 2012, two sections merged to effectively train the manpower for the skills required for both disciplines. The medical sociological training concentrates on studies of areas such as medical organization and network, medical policy, physician/patient relationship and ethics, social policy and legislation, aiming to enhance the students’ understanding of medical systems and social organizations in terms of policy making and health care. As to the social work field, it concentrates on studies of areas, such as therapeutic care and conveyance, therapeutic welfare and service, and therapeutic methods and resources, with the goal of enhancing the students’ knowledge, including how to utilize personnel and how to take social care of children, adolescents, the handicapped, and the aged, in terms of medical welfare considerations so that the students may readily serve as effective medical social workers in medical units after their graduation. 
With regard to development, the school has these perspectives: 
11. Globalization: Our field of study is becoming more and more globalized and we are facing more and more international competition. Therefore, we will strengthen our faculty by recruiting from abroad and strive to cooperate with academic units of other universities and other nations. 1
2. Localization: While keeping up with the pace of globalization, we think we also need to maintain roots in our local communities. Thus we are also trying to cooperate extensively with local medical units and therapeutic industries in regard to social welfare and humanistic concerns. 1 
3. Integration: To bring forth better results from teaching, research, and service, we are making great efforts to integrate related (medical and sociological) disciplines in response to the changing needs of our society.